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Q.Our business environment is evolving, what are some creative approaches that you have identified that would position our leagues to grow and retain their membership?

V. We talk about it, we even say we do it, however finding your league personality is important.  It is crucial that the personality and fit of the league, fit the individual.  Other leagues are NOT A THREAT.  WE ARE NOT IN COMPETITION WITH EACH OTHER.  This I believe is an area we can improve upon. 

    We must remember that we are meant to learn from each other and not one up.  Support new formations by sharing the YOU - the most valuable asset of ABWA.  Visit - make plans - do it for ABWA.  

     It’s ok to talk a good game, but ALL HAT AND NO CATTLE doesn’t really get us very far does it?  Back up your words with action.

     Support each other.  Tearing a member or group down is unacceptable.  Smiling up front and growling in the background is not only wrong, it makes the entire association suffer.  Don’t kid yourself… people hear what is said about them or the group and it is not in our mission statement.  Follow the mission and you are going no where but UP 😉  Create an experience people want to come to and STAY!  and SHARE!  Are you doing that?

Q.What is the one behavior or trait that you have seen derail more leaders’ careers? 

V.  I could not just come up with one LOL.....Most leaders have a blind spot in the behavior vision.  Things that they/we simply don’t recognize or cannot see or acknowledge in our leadership style.  
    Is it Limited self-awareness?  

  • Recognize your flaws - heck we all have them - it’s OK!  It is my belief that recognizing our short-comings is actually a sign of strength
  • You don’t have to toot your own horn with every single accolade or accomplishment.  Blowing up your own Twitter feed and Facebook with your hot air comes off as arrogance and perhaps even low self esteem.  Why do we need everyone’s constant patting on the back.  Occasional happy posts and excitement are awesome - but every day…nah…not so much. 

     Overuse of their high level of self or power - self explanatory.
     Refusing to acknowledge and make changes in their own behaviors
     Leveraging off the talent and skills of their team

 Q. What are a few resources you would recommend to someone looking to gain insight into becoming a better leader?

V. Your ABWA sisters should be your “Angie’s List”.  Angie doesn’t have squat on us!  We are powerful!  Be a resource and be a GOOD ONE! 

Make time for people - your time is your most valuable commodity!
Mentoring ONE-ON-ONE

  •   Match 'em up
  •   Meet up!  Meet Meet - Talk Talk - our experiences and pearls of wisdom are what make us an authentic true gem. Share your successes and heck, share your failure too! 


Love Love,


We received so much positive feedback from the first ever Business Edge segment featuring Vicki Marlett that we have decided to add this to our website. 

Please enjoy the Q. and A. from the discussion between Valerie Bartley & Vicki Marlett.

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